Jennifer Spengler

Jennifer Spengler - Biography

Jennifer was born with music in her blood. She knew from the moment she entered her Kindergarten music class that she and music had a relationship that was uncommon and unlike anything else she'd ever felt... or would ever feel.

She grew up with a musical mother and remembers going with her to her band practices and gigs: "It was always so exciting to see and hear my mother playing music. I would ache to be up on stage with her. I hoped one day that I'd be there singing my songs and delivering my own musical messages."

Writing and composing songs from age 8, Jennifer's style has grown with her through the tribulations and triumphs in her life. Though her style is hard to categorize (she calls it "Neo-Pop"), there are elements of Rock, Pop, R&B, and even at times Hip-Hop and Techno; these styles mesh to form an intricate set of sounds that is unique and somewhat addictive.

Whether it's a complex song production or just her and a piano/keyboard, Jennifer manages to convey emotion with soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. "I'm inspired by almost anything. Sadness, happiness, it doesn't matter. If there's something I feel, I'll write about it. It's my outlet; it's the way I find myself."

Jennifer Spengler currently resides in NC and is actively pursuing a musical career. That's no easy task, and she's aware of that. "Hey, the hardships of this business can only create more great material!"

One thing's for sure: This girl's got talent!

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